Throne of Mutation

The Den: Throne Room of Magmutis

Finding the lair of Magmutis is not a difficult task. Following a path of twisting tress in the divine world will quickly lead you to the mouth of a cave. Above the cave clearly inscribed in the living rock reads “Here there be a god, ask before you enter!” The welcome will meet with a small creature of Magmutis’s choosing to escort them down.

Any uninvited who dare continue past this point find themselves in the maw of the cave, but despite the knowledge that you just walked into a near pitch black cave they easily notice that the walls are moving and throbbing. With no other option available those who enter the must continue down the path they started going deeper into the cave. Along the way the visitors will clearly see bones from every species known, and billions from unknown sources. Strolling into this pit moving cave begins to widen and open up. In the near nonexistent light visitors will see it: the throne of Magmutis. Sitting upon a still beating heart the size of a large throne is Magmutis, the lord of mutation.

How the visitors are treated depends on whether his guests are wanted or not. If the guests are welcome, Magmutis will make a lazy gesture and chairs of bone and living flesh will spring from the ground. Those who are uninvited receive an extremely different treatment. Those who dare invade the domain of the king of predators face his full and ferocious wrath. With hateful curses and terrible howls Magmutis unleashes his rage melting into the throne and the cave itself, creating giant clawed fists of bone and slathered in digestive acids Magmutis will furiously assault the intruders. Baying hordes of his past experiments and legions of beasts would set upon those intruding upon the mutation lord’s throne.

The Den is Magmutis’s home and sanctuary, few are ever invited in and it’s never for simple pleasantries. Any who violate its sanctity are never forgotten or forgiven, and the ultimate predator always knows were his prey is.

Rules: Magmutis receives significant bonuses to combat taking place in his throne room, and those who are uninvited will likely not leave unscathed. When fighting against invaders in his throne room, Magmutis receives a [+6] Den of Mutation bonus.

Throne of Mutation

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