The Thrones of Light, Music, and Love

Throne room of Photis

The Throne of Photis varies greatly according to his mood and the nature of the person viewing it. Worthy mortals compete to prove their worth to the gods, to be granted visions of the glories which await their loyal service.

The Throne of Photis can manifest as the Throne of Light and Music, a vast, cacophonous plane of light. Visitors find their sight is overwhelmed with every possible color, tone, and shade, while their sense of hearing is bombarded with every possible sound. Even those who lack these senses are granted them for the duration of their visit.

This vast array of input is overwhelming to any not of a divine nature, but does grant great enlightenment. To any exposed to the Throne of Light and Music for even an instant, a great insight is given. This insight usually is described by mortals as the ‘flash of inspiration’ or ‘a moment of brilliance’.

By spending 1 AP, Photis can inspire mortals with the flash of inspiration. Mortals inspired in this way receive a [+4] Genius bonus to completing a mental task such as inventing a new language or designing a new tool.

Mortals exposed to more than an instant of the glory of this Throne can find their minds overwhelmed with the beauty of it, developing an obsessive need to recreate the vision in any way they can through art, music, mathematics, or other more esoteric pursuits. This explains why some great mortal minds fall into obsession or depression after a lifetime of exposure.

On a critical success of failure, the mortal will become addicted and obsessed with recreating the vision, performing whatever acts are necessary to recreate it.

Photis can also manifest his Throne of Love. This is a quiet grotto, filled with dimly lit hollows filled with soft cushions and low couches, the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Fine food and drink abound, served by perfectly built mortals of every physical description.

These are not actual mortals, but instead constructs created by Photis’ power. These constructs sit ready to address any request by the guests of Photis. They are physically equipped to meet any demand put upon them. That being said, Photis looks poorly on those who abuse his toys.

Instruments of every description lay about the room, and each plays a soft tune. Anyone who picks up these instruments can immediately play and compose a beautiful piece of music which instantly captures the current moment of their existence perfectly. Photis claims that the music serves to capture the shape of the person’s soul.

Beings granted access to, or a vision of, the Throne of Love become overwhelmed with romantic love. The target of this love can be a mortal, a god, or an ideal, such as a city or a state. Those inspired by love can perform great deeds, far exceeding their normal capabilities in their drive to prove their love.

By spending 1 AP, Photis can inspire mortals with the passion of love. Mortals inspired in this way receive a [+4] Lover bonus to any attempt to woo, protecting their love, or even a struggle to inspire love in another person.

Mortals who fail to use this inspiration often find their love rejected. Such strong desires can often then turn dark, leading to obsession.

Mortals who critically fail the roll for which they were granted the inspiration of love become obsessed with possessing the object of their desire. Photis does not condone such obsession, so any attempts are always doomed to tragedy.

With the permission of Photis, other gods may also use this thrones.

The Thrones of Light, Music, and Love

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