The Clockwork Observatory

Throne Room of The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker’s divine throne is no mere display of power. It is a practical application of godhood — a floating university built out of shining white marble and capped with brass roofs, positioned as if it would float above the mortal realm. The walls are adorned with uncountable gears and pistons. At the very base of this floating bastion is a strange brass telescope. It is through this divine instrumentation that the Watchmaker inspects the mortal realm.
While looking through his telescope, the Watchmaker can focus his eyes on any event within the Mortal Realm.

Within the halls, there are countless libraries and every room is filled with strange clockwork devices, gizmos, and gadgets. Clockwork automatons — physical manifestations of the Watchmaker’s will — labor over great bound tomes of knowledge. The constructs are always adding new pages to the libraries infinite collection.
The countless libraries of Gazara and all the knowledge they contain are represented within the infinite library of the Clockwork Observatory.

Other rooms contain the Watchmaker’s private workshops and laboratories. His patience and attention to detail are represented in his creations. They are flawless beings of clockwork machinery, designed to serve the Watchmaker in his divine research.
The Watchmaker’s workshops and laboratories lack nothing. When performing acts of Creation, he may spend an additional 1 AP to perform the initial Creation within his workshops for a [+3] Creation bonus.

The Clockwork Observatory

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