Divine Realm

You pass through the rift.

Before you is a vast sea of blackness, emptiness, nothing.

And yet, as you stand in the void, it is as if reality coalesces around you, forming a sanctuary from the void.

Rubble and stars, gas and light, all of it swirls about in an incandescent dream.

And in the center, hovers a tiny island, a sliver of order in a storm of chaos.

A tree, sitting on an island of rock.

You do not know why or how, but you know that this is the divine realm. The place where you and the other gods (you are aware of them now), can watch over the mortal world below. This realm is primed and ready to be melded as you see fit. A separate path of rubble branches out from the position of each of the assembled gods, leading to a place of personal power.

The mortal world is but an instant away, and there is so, so much to do.

You have arrived in the divine realm. It will easily bend to your will, and takes no action points to play around in here. (Mortal races are banned from entering the divine realm, you know that it will end badly). Each of you can make a throne room which is a personal location of power in the divine realm (feel free to wait on this). You can have unique rules within your throne room: for example, a room where no one can lie, a room where violence is extremely difficult to carry out, etc. You can stay in the divine realm and talk with the other gods; or get down to working in the mortal realm.

Divine Realm

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