THE RULES HAVE CHANGED: Now, actions do not have fixed AP costs. Instead, every AP you spend on an action adds one dice to the roll. Minimum of 1 AP per action. (Things like teleporting, movement, talking, etc are still free however)

You will have 20 action points to spend for the age. Action points are used to do noteworthy actions in the world.

These are some guidelines on what action points can be spent on:

The Target Number (TN) is listed above each action. This is the number you are trying to beat when rolling the dice and adding your domains and bonuses. Thus, harder actions require more AP by needing more dice. Remember these are guidelines.

Also keep in mind, if you want to make a black hole to devour the whole planet, that will be time consuming and other gods could very well work counteract your action. It might not even manifest till the start of the next age. More action points often takes longer.

Because these are guidelines, the TN may change based off of modifiers. For example, creating a blue whale might be TN 5, but a blue whale with magical powers may be TN 8 or 10. The more powerful a creature is, the harder it is to make.

Higher TN actions are riskier, and thus carry higher penalties for failure.

There are degrees of success and failure depending on how poorly or good you roll.

Godly Actions of TN <= 25
TN: 5 TN: 10 TN: 15 TN: 20 TN: 25
Change the Weather Lasting Changes to a Group Create a Prophet Create Item +1 (Excalibur) Create a Volcano
- - Create a Species Create a type of Magic Create an Afterlife
Move an Elephant Move a Building Move a Skyscraper Move a Town Move a city
Create a human Create an Elephant Create a Whale Create a Dragon Create Godzilla
Inspire 25 Inspire 100 Inspire 1000 Inspire 10000 Inspire 100,000
Godly Actions of TN <= 50
TN: 30 TN: 35 TN: 40 TN: 45 TN: 50
Create Item +2 (Thor’s Hammer) Create A Moon Create Item +3 (The One Ring) Create a lifeless planet -
Move A Moon Move a Planet Alter Universal Rules - -
Inspire 500,000 Inspire 1 million Inspire a planet - -
Godly Actions of TN <= 75
TN: 55 TN: 60 TN: 65 TN: 70 TN: 75
- Create A Sun - Create A Dyson Sphere Create A Black Hole
- - - - -
- - - - -


Format your posts as follows:

Name of your God
Location In Bold:

A written description of what you are doing with flavor: this contains all the fluff and other things.

In bold put the plain-English version of what you are doing – no fluff. Also put the number of action points you are spending, and any relevant domains.

Put your remaining AP at the bottom of your post. EX: 4/20 AP


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