The Ravim


[+2] Night Magic
[trait:] Nocturnal
[trait:] Asexual

Population: 100
Tech Level: (magic based)
Magic Level: Night Magic
Economics: n/a
Notes: Newly Created.


The Ravim are a nocturnal race of natural magic users created by Hirem. Their magic sources are contained within their gems which are directly proportional in size to the power of their magic. The gems grow as they become more adept with their magic. As with everything Hirem creates, they are nocturnal and can see perfectly in the dark. They don’t suffer much if exposed to sunlight however if their gems are ever removed they die instantly. The Ravim, are an asexual species and so to populate they steal children who are too young to know their human pasts out of villages and transform them with a special ritual inherently known to them.

The Ravim

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