A bronzed, perfected ideal of a man, clothed in cloth of light. His beauty and kindness are almost overwhelming.


Photis, Lord of light, love, and masterful endeavor

The throne room of Photis: The Thrones of Light, Music, and Love

[+3] Domain: Light

The “Light of Photis” is not only literal light, which helps man see the unseen and protect himself from the darkness. Photis’ light also covers the flash of brilliance, the moment of insight, which helps man to find a way beyond a difficult problem, and leads one from the darkness of ignorance into the light of enlightenment.

[+3] Domain: Music

Music is a language without words. The songs of whales, the mating calls of wild beasts, the sound of wind through the trees, the cries of a well-tuned lyre. Music exists in all things, and through it, all things can be communicated.

[+2] Domain: Romantic Love

The Greeks recognized two kinds of love, the bond and duty of family and the hot burning passion of romatic love. The “Love of Photis” is the latter, the short, sweet flame of love which burns between two people when they meet and fall instantly in love. Bonds blessed by Photis are often short lived, but drasticly change the lives of those affected by them.

Photis’s love is not the emotion of love, but the ideal of love. He is not the cherub shooting the dart, but is instead the tip of the arrow which pierces the heart.

[+2] Domain: Masterful Endeavors

Insight alone is not enough to change the world. Actions must follow. Photis inspires his followers to great acts of physical endeavor, to match the heights of imagination he inspires in them. His followers struggle mightily to perform great deeds, not only to prove their worth for greater insight, but also to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

[-2] Flaw: Naïveté

Photis is the ultimate optimist. He always believes the best of people, and trusts that even the greatest darkness contains a hint of light. He trusts all implicitly, which blinds him to the ill intent of those who would turn his light to darkness. Photis is also gullible, and will always rush to the aid of those whom he feels are worthy of his protection.


To hear him tell it, Photis, lord of light, was born when the first stars ignited. He was nursemaided by the music of the spheres, and taught the first man the secrets of wooing the first woman. And when the first man left his first wife for his half-sister, Photis was there to console her.

The truth is quite different. Photis was born as a man, one Alexandros Photis. His father was of divine lineage, and his mother was a mortal, the daughter of a minor king. Due to her shame, her father exiled her to a far distant isle with the boy.

Alexandros grew up unaware of his heritage. He was raised by his mother as a simple farmboy, until he reached his manhood. His father appeared to him in a vision as he was tending sheep, and informed him that he needed to claim his divine right. Alexandros went home, kissed his mother, and taking up no weapon except for his simple lyre, he stepped out into the world to seek his birthright.

Many were the adventures had by Alexandros, and many were the women and men that he wooed. His adventures lead to his ultimate sacrifice, holding a great pass for a day and a night to prevent the armies of a dread and evil lord from overwhelming a peaceful and loving people. For his selfless sacrifice, his body was burnt on a pyre of roses by the grateful populance, and his father granted him immortality, ascending him to the heights of the heavens.

Since his ascension, Photis has stood as a voice for the greater empowerment of mankind. He has heard the tales of Ragnarok, but publicly dismisses them. He claims that the ingenuity of Man will ultimately allow Man to find a way to prevent the coming end, and that this will represent a new beginning, a time of universal Enlightenment, a time when all men will be as the gods.

Secretly, Alexandros seeks to encourage and hasten this path, by descending upon his followers, and granting them the ability to see truths where others see only darkness.

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