The God Of Mutation


Throne of Mutation

[+5] Domain: Mutation
Magmutis is a giant and ever-changing being who’s body never remains the same for more then a few moments. Magmutis is the lord of mutation and evolution, altering his creations in ever inventive ways.

[+3] Domain: Abiogenesis
Magmutis is also a master of creating life. To aid in his search for perfection unknown trillions of species have been birthed and destroyed by Magmutis and there will be many, many more to come.

[+2] Domain:Divine Selection
Magmutis has goals that stretch aeons, constantly selecting the strong from the weak, assuring their superiority. Magmutis takes an active role in ensuring that the strong will grow in power, cultivating his champions and favored races into beings of pure predatory might.

[-2] Flaw: No Pity for the Weak
Magmutis has no time for the weak, the sick, the diseased, or the decrepit, these things will be changed or removed, the weak exist only to be prey for the strong.


Magmutis The God of mutation

A body in constant change, swirling , shifting and bubbling faces emerging before melting back into his form; Magmutis leaves any who look upon him revolted and terrified and their mind broken.

Unhappy with his original form, Magmutis scavenged and replaced his limbs, organs, and other key components with those of dead gods to create the perfect self. Soon his ambition became a necessity as his body would constantly reject and breakdown from the different bits and pieces gathered from an untold number of divine creatures. Realizing his predicament from his unstable body, he quickly scavenged whatever was in sight, preparing for a last act of desperation to preserve his improved self. Using the residual power from the untold thousands of pieces and scraps he collected, Magmutis undertook an ancient and forbidden ritual; forcibly cementing each and every last piece of the fallen gods into his own body in the hopes of stabilizing himself.

In a hurricane of raw cosmic energy, Magmutis stood as the power of a thousand god corpses flowed within him. Suddenly there was a monstrous clash of light. Dazed and weakened by the event, Magmutis staggered away from the ritual site to see his own reflection. Journeying to the nearest pool of water, his mind began to fog as thousands of voices and memories which surely did not belong to him began to plague his every thought. Exhausted from the ritual, and slowly being driven mad from the swarm of voices, Magmutis staggered on. Determination driving him to see his glorious, perfect self. Upon reaching the pool Magmutis collapsed, his mind was afire, slowly, ever so slowly… he crawled. After a seeming eternity of agony and pain Magmutis reached the water’s edge with eyes closed tight. Finally Magmutis opened his eyes and gazed into the pool.

Somewhere in the void, there was a scream of pure primal rage and terror.

None are sure what Magmutis saw in the pool, but many rumors say that he saw his face as flawed and imperfect as the day it was born. Others say he say he merely saw the twisting, changing and grotesque form which he now wears. Regardless of the truth, Magmutis was left wracked and broken. Magmutis hates anything that has a reflexive surface and despises vanity above all other things. While his mind is scarred and crowded, there is still the minds, logic and thought of a legion of whispering gods, and as such, when Magmutis is not being tormented by whatever lurks in the dark depths of his mind he is wise beyond almost any other. Though he holds no memory of who he once was, Magmutis does not forget what his purpose is, the creation of the perfect form.

Magmutis is a grand architect of life, spending all of his time creating dozens of intelligent, primitive, grand, small, peaceful and violent races. Pitting them against each other to see which is superior, and which is worthy of his favor.


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