The Hero of Heroes


Throne Room: Hall of Heroes

[+4] Domain: Courage
“Persevere in the face of adversity. A man does not capitulate because the odds weigh heavy against him – he pries apart the jaws of defeat to claim the victory that is rightfully his!”

[+4] Domain: Luck
“There is no such thing as certainty when the dice of destiny are being rolled. Step forth and seize the day! You have nothing to lose when compared against what you could gain.”

[+2] Domain: Leadership
“It is easy for a man to lose track of himself. Remind him! Give him a taste of glory! Show him the path that escapes the slow death of stagnation!”

[-2] Flaw: Pride
“You are defined by what you have accomplished. Sufficiency does not suffice: excel, or die trying. To do anything less hardly bears mentioning.”


“And what would you wish to know about me? My favorite colors? My taste in literature? I was born of the fragments of dead gods, like many others. I watched my brothers and sisters turn on each other in fear, worry at each other out of cowardice. They lacked the power to step beyond the godmoor and join us here, and they have nobody but themselves to blame.

“You and I, we’re made of better. The shards with which we were formed are stronger! We had the courage to leave the spawning pools to claim a world for our own! The mortals below us will sing tales of our glory for as long as they live! Even beyond, if need be!

“Ragnarok? I do not worry about the coming Ragnarok. I am the Hero of Heroes! The Lord of Martyrs, the Patron of Desperate Glory! I would rather be erased from existence should I lack the will to survive the coming of my own demise!”


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