Ignacious, Spawn of Shadows

God of Shadows


[+4] Domain: Shadows, Fear

Born in darkness, Ignacious is the thing that goes bump in the night. Few mortals have dared to set eyes on the cloaked God, but those who have are never quite the same. His piercing eyes and silver tongue weaves its way into your nightmares, slowly driving a person mad. Shadows are living servants of Ignacious, bringing him bits of news, hiding him, and protecting him.

[+4] Domain: Ill Deeds

Ignacious feeds off of evil deeds. Well versed in all of the ancient torture techniques, he relishes in the pain of mortals, whether they be his own followers or not. Murder, treachery, deceit, backstabbing, double-dealing, stealing, lying, and cheating are all things that Ignacious is pleased with.

[+2] Domain: Deceit, Deception, and Lies

Ignacious represents Gods of a darker era. Having been formed from other Gods that were sly, shady, ambitious, cruel-hearted, and evil, He finds comfort in the shadows. Beings that relish in darkness, such as rats, bats, and wolves are therefore sacred to Ignacious. Having been spawned from the darkness of the God pool, deception and lies come naturally to him. He is quick of tongue and has a sharp wit.

[-2] Flaw: Good Deeds, Moments of Pity

Good deeds are something abhorrent to Ignacious, but sometimes he can’t help feeling sorry for the poor bastards who he lights on fire as they’re being impaled. Occasionally, if a servant has been particularly helpful in the past or an enemy hero has been particularly malicious, he will reward them with their life, assuring the spread of the gospel of the hooded traveler.


Upon his forming in the God pool, Ignacious knew he had only brief moments to find a warphole, or be lost forever to his stronger brother. Upon arrival to this new world, he quickly established himself a domain far away from the other Gods, lest they attempt to assassinate him. Paranoid that his stronger brother had made it through the warp, he threw himself into the teachings of the fine arts of alchmey, poison, and black magic. After pooling together his resources, he knew it was time to unleash his cosmic being upon this helpless mortal world, and to shape it into a creation fit of the God of shadows.

Ignacious has two forms he appears in. One, a terrifying spectre that manifests the viewer’s worst nightmare. The other, a simple dark elf cloaked traveler.

Ignacious, Spawn of Shadows

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