Godess of the Night


[+7] Domain: Darkness
Wherever darkness pervades so does Herin. It is the flesh of night just as the moon and the stars are the blood. Void of the blinding intoxicating light of day, only with darkness is it possible to truly listen to the heavens.

[+3] Domain: Creatures of the Night
All of those that breath the night air, from guardsmen doing their night patrols to the most dark and rabid creatures, are Hiren’s children. She looks upon them with the pride of a mother and shelters them in the obscuring blanket of darkness.

[-2] Flaw: Motherly Attachment
The children of the night, while strong in their element, can be quite weak and frail when removed from it. At best, some may be blinded by the sun while others may go as far as bursting into flames. Terrified of such a fate befalling to her children, Hiren is more than willing to make sacrifices to protect them.


When seen, her form resembles that of a young pale girl wearing a dark mask, which shrouds not just her face, but her entire body in a long flowing dress woven with the fabric of shadows. She moves with the graceful cautiousness of someone wishing to be heard not seen and as such, she can seldom be seen beyond the comfort of her domain.

Hiren detests the world of day: to her it is white noise that overwhelms the delicate symphony of the night. She hears the mortals cry out while she slumbers. They mock her with their bright and cheerful laughter, their cries of war and celebration; they lack the sincerity of the night.


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