[EXAMPLE] Suisualocidius

The great god of ash, dust and sand


[+4] Domain: Ash, Dust and Sand
Ash represents gradual decay, but especially as it relates to civilization. A candle, a burning city and a crop-farm ravaged by disease are examples of things that fall beneath the scope of ash and appeal to Suisualocidius. Dust represents great ages, and things forgotten. An ancient library, forbidden knowledge and the enormity of time are things that fall beneath the scope of dust and appeal to Suisualocidius. Sand represents inevitability, and the march of time. An hourglass, a desert, and anything barren and deserted are things that fall beneath the scope of sand and appeal to Suisualocidius.

[+2] Domain: Fatalism
Fatalism encompasses the inescapable, the pre-determined, and doomed fates. Suisualocidius is not a God of stories, but he is a God of endings. A prisoner resigned to his execution, a suicide in the face of hopelessness and any act of sorrow or mourning for an event that has not yet come to pass are things that fall beneath the scope of fatalism and appeal to Suisualocidius.

[+2] Domain: Patience
Patience encompasses moderation and temperence. Time is long, and nothing is important in the face of it- especially not the whims or wishes of mortals. Stoicism, mountain erosion and painstaking research are things which fall beneath the scope of patience and appeal to Suisualocidius.

[-2] Flaw: Arrogance
Suisualocidius is incredibly arrogant, and as such considers anything that directly opposes his interests to be a profound blasphemy. Gods that expend their divinity to bring forth creation from nothing, as well as those Gods that pervert death, tend to irritate Suisualocidius immensely. It should also be noted that he enjoys worship and obsequience to a distracting fault, but will seldom feel the need to reward it.


Suisualocidius The great god of ash, dust and sand. He holds dominion over gradual decay, inevitability and patience.

Suisualocidius delights in decay and death, but does not typically go out of his way to bring them about. As God of patience he is more than willing to wait for the Universe to slowly die its own death, and sees no need to intervene in the inevitable. As such, he is largely a God of the background. He sleeps away great eternities, and grants boons to only a rare few mortals who choose to worship him, typically in the form of arcane knowledge that has been long since forgotten. When he does act, it is usually to set events in motion that will only truly be understood at a much later point in time. Riverbeds that have run dry and forests that have withered in to deserts are often said to have been touched by Suisualocidius at a time in the ancient, long-forgotten past.

Suisualocidius is arrogant, and dwells safely in the knowledge that one day- when eternity nears its end- he will be one of the few remaining beings, and one of the more powerful. It is often joked that, in the beginning, The Creator breathed forth the Universe and cried: “Let all hear me, for I am the Light, and I am the Beginning,” and that Suisualocidius, in his boundless arrogance, dared reply to him, saying, “and let you hear me, for I am the Darkness, and I am the End.”

Suisualocidius will not typically take a physical form. When he does so, it is most often that of a giant man with a body of sand. He wears plain grey robes, and jewelry made from the bones of the first of every species that ever lived. He speaks with a hollow voice that sounds like a dead wind whipping through dry branches. His symbol is the hourglass.

[EXAMPLE] Suisualocidius

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