[EXAMPLE] Jaramon

A good Example god to use


[+6] Domain: The Raging Inferno

Jaramon’ s rebirth imbued her with the raw power of the god she vanquished. She now possesses a mastery of fire and flames.

[+2] Domain: Perseverance

Jaramon is the very embodiment of never giving in and fighting till the end. She is capable of ignoring the most extreme damage and pain to accomplish her goals, and is able to inspire these traits in her followers.

[+2] Domain: Trial by Fire

Jaramon is the goddess of rebirth, she knows that sometimes violence, pain, and struggle are the best tools for forging a stronger person. She delights in making her subjects earn their rewards through adversity.

[-2] Flaw: Hot Headed

Jaramon will never back down from anything, and while this trait can aid her, it is also her biggest weakness. Jaramon is quick to take slight, and will bring tremendous wrath upon her enemies, even if it is not wise to do so.

God of Flame and perseverance

Personality: Jaramon is stubborn, and strong willed. She will never back down, and is honorable.


JARAMON, Goddess of Fiery Perseverance

It has been said that Jaramon was a powerful warrior battling against a god of divine fire for the survival of her people. As Jaramon approached the god of fire, it chuckled knowing that no mortal could withstand his flames. He toyed with her, bathing her in withering fire with each step.

Jaramon moved forward.

As she inched closer, the being of fire increased his heat, scalding her skin and burning her hair to ash.

Jaramon did not give up.

Pressing forward closer to the god, he lashed out in anger, melting armor and skin together with searing flames that would make a dragon cower in fear.

Jaramon would not surrender.

Howling in rage, the god unleashed an inferno of raw elemental flame with such incinerating force that nothing could possible survive.

Jaramon persevered.

As the last of her body atomized in flame, through sheer force of will alone; Jaramon drove her enchanted scythe deep into the divine spark of the fire god. As her body was annihilated, the very essence of the god was shattered. His divine power unleashed around him in a shock-wave of raw elemental power, and infused itself into the soul of Jaramon. As her body was destroyed, Jaramon’ s mind and soul were reborn anew.

[EXAMPLE] Jaramon

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