God of the Sun



[+6] Domain: The Sun
The Sun is the center of Canis’ power, and those who follow him make this the symbol of their faith. Those who best attune themselves with Canis will find that they can harness the power of their god to better create a world in his image. Canis aids in the use of these powers, as the power of the Sun is far to immense for any mortal to control by themselves.

[+2] Domain: Justice
Canis is a god of peace. His followers follow a strict code that, while allows for many freedoms, emphasis the defense of the meek and the punishment of the wicked. The followers of Canis will not actively seek a fight, but will not idly stand by when the basic tenants of their faith are being challenged.

[+2] Domain: Wisdom
Rash decisions made on impulse and emotions are frowned upon by Canis. Canis prefers patients and stresses this to his followers that are lucky enough to lead. The light of the Sun reveals all over time, as such Canis’ followers would much rather act later than sooner to learn all they can before making decisions.

[-1] Flaw: New Moons
The Sun and the Moon are not directly opposed. Even in the dead of night, Canis’ presence can still be felt by his followers when the Moon is over head shinning the Sun down upon them even after it has set. It is when the moon is not present that Canis’ direct influence is at it’s weakest. While not hopeless during New Moon events, the followers of Canis’ will know that for that brief period of time that they are without the aid of their God.

[-1] Flaw: Arrogance
The power of the sun is not something to take likely. Followers can learn to harness the power of the sun through Canis, but those that would try to do so through their own means will find themselves being consumed by the power they seek to control.

[-1] Flaw: Greed
The Sun is a resource for all. Mortals or followers of Canis that try and squander this power or deny others the right to enjoy and use it will find themselves to be a threat to the faith.

[GM Note: I allowed Canis to have more flaws than normal.]



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