The Eternal Void

[Game was short lived but fun, has since been shelved.]

The Eternal Void, the resting place of defeated gods, and the birthing pit of those newly created. Where sleeping gods lie.

As just another semi-formless entity swirling about in the void, you slumber, waiting upon a new world to enter. Swimming aimlessly through a timeless eternity, suddenly, there is motion.An almost imperceptible portal appears, an opening, a rift in the void appears, and it calls out to you.

Hurtling to the rift, you can make out your brethren also taking notice of the anomaly, each greedily flying towards salvation. You are not deterred, for you have waited for so long. Success is yours! You are one of the first to sneak through; entering into a new world, as the great rift closes behind you. A ripe universe, one with worshipers to claim, faith to be earned, and enemies to be defeated.

A pantheon of lesser gods by scratchmark

Ragnarok: A Game of Gods

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